Austin Ellen, a non-binary SMC student based in SoCal, has been acting since they were 7 years old and has always loved princesses! At the tender age of 11, they took up the hobby of cosplay, a combination of the words costume and roleplay. Austin's very first cosplay was as the fearless wolf princess, San, from "Princess Mononoke". Gradually, Austin became immersed in the world, and at the age of 19, Austin debuted their cosplay as Queen Elsa from "Frozen" and to their surprise, attracted more attention from precious darling children than they could handle by themself all at once. Austin quickly found themself answering all kinds of questions on the fly like "Where's Anna?", "Do you have ice powers?" and was even asked to sing. Even though it was overwhelming, Austin was sold and set out to do this professionally and seriously. After some VERY costly upgrades, lots of critique and tonnes of time-consuming research, Pacific Princess Parties was born. Austin hopes that this company will flourish and get plenty of business.

Our Cast

Austin Ellen: Owner


Olivia De Boutray

Hollie Sokol

Brittanie Hitchcock

BJ Lucas

Randy Del Toro

Cast Members

We only hire the kindest, friendliest, good hearted and good spirited people to be part of our company so our clientele can take solace in the guaranteed fact that our entertainers will be nothing but absolutely sweet and totally approachable to their precious little angels! All of our cast members are hand-picked from the cream of the crop when it comes to personality and good nature. They are truly royalty! Your child is guaranteed to believe that they are talking to a real life princess!

gallery/sarah jane d'arcy headshot

Sarah Jane D'arcy


Sarah Bartholomew


Ian Watson

gallery/marco kengott commerial

Marco Kengott


Tamara Philbrick

gallery/annie booth (1)

Annie Booth


Angel Robbson

gallery/tara cox headshot (650)387-7355

Tara Cox

gallery/katy harvey

Katy Jane Harvey

gallery/kristen lee-6325

Kristen Lee


Karlee Squires


McKale Bingham


Rachel Li